Survey finds which incentives motivate consumers to go green

August 20, 2008 at 12:06 pm

EcoAlign, a strategic marketing agency focused on energy and the environment, has released the results of the fourth EcoPinion Survey on what type of incentives or promotions will motivate customers to adopt clean and green offerings.  The fourth EcoPinion Survey highlights the fact that consumers care first and foremost about saving money when thinking about energy efficiency or renewable energy offerings.  “When it comes to energy, consumers are much more cost-conscious,” stated Andrea Fabbri, COO and chief marketing officer. “Control (or lack of it) is a highly emotional value tied to a core American value – the freedom of choice – and should be leveraged in messaging.”  Some of the findings include: 

  • Discounts are the most popular incentive (85 percent), followed by two-for-one offerings (77 percent, extremely likely/very likely) and coupons (75 percent).
  • The top two “most likely” incentives to be used by consumers to save money on energy costs are discounts (34 percent) and rebates (22 percent).
  • The “Energy Star” label is extremely or very important to 68 percent of respondents.
  • When asked what they would do if they had an extra $200, and could choose from a list of energy saving or renewable offerings, 52 percent of respondents would put an extra $200 in the bank.
  • Consumers are most interested in having their utility provide coupons to purchase energy efficient light bulbs (74 percent).
  • Consumers were most interested in receiving information from the utility web site (58 percent).
  • Consumers would like to receive a credit on the utility bill (50 percent) followed by a check in the mail (34 percent).
  • Consumers would be much more satisfied with their utility if more energy efficiency and/or pricing programs to save energy and utility were offered. 90 percent of respondents overall would be more satisfied than today.

A copy of the full EcoPinion report is available at no charge by visiting EcoAlign’s website at


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