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And The Winner Is…

Our exclusive Good And Green E-ssentials Academy Awards Commercial Poll found that Apple’s MacBook was the brand that won with socially-conscious consumers during this year’s Oscars.  Why did it win?  2008 Good And Green presenter Denise Waggoner, VP of Creative Research for Getty Images said, “Consumers have struggled to decipher green by association messaging.  This is a great campain because it tells you exactly what they have done to make their product ‘green’:  Aluminum and glass parts are recyclable, uses less electricity and reduces harmful chemicals like mercury.”  

Check out the winning spot below and tell us what you think!  Thank you for voting and watch for more Good And Green E-ssentials polls!

February 25, 2009 at 9:15 am

411 Publishing announces new online Green Section

411 Publishing Co., a leader in providing qualified below-the-line production resources to the entertainment industry with their L.A. ( and New York ( print and online directories, and national online directory (, announces their new online Green Section.   “411 Publishing has launched a stable of new products in the interest of introducing new revenue streams, as well as creating a more communal environment for both our users and our advertisers,” said Sean Killebrew, publisher of 411 Publishing.  The first of these products is 411 Publishing’s Green Section. 411 Publishing now features a dedicated online section promoting listees who have incorporated green standards into their organization and consumer output. “Green Listees” are designated with a green recycle symbol and have proven to incorporate elements from these four areas: Recycle/Reuse, Reduce Waste, Sustainable Products and Educate/Encourage. In an effort to help current LA 411 and New York 411 listees who would like to transform their business practices into green business practices, 411 Publishing has partnered with Reel Green Media, a consulting firm that helps companies, productions and individuals in the entertainment industry develop and use more sustainable methods. A link to Reel Green Media is readily available on the LA411 and NY411 home pages. The new Green Section also contains educational articles relating to green production and links to vendors who offer green products and/or services that would be of interest to the production community.  In addition, 411 Publishing is also introducing Production Tech Tips and a Facebook fan page.

February 24, 2009 at 10:25 pm

Green Collar Crew selects Vizhun Marketing as agency of record

Green Collar Crew (GCC), a home-performance contracting network that helps homeowners create more energy-efficient and healthy living environments, has retained Vizhun Marketing, Inc. as its agency of record for brand and identity development, marketing, advertising and public relations. “We are honored to have been selected by Green Collar Crew,” says Rachel Cogar, president of Vizhun Marketing. “We are excited to launch their brand in cities across the United States and we foresee a fast growing client base.”  Scott Spivak, president of national award-winning Green Home Solutions, Inc., launched Green Collar Crew in 2008 to address the common performance problems that most homeowners face such as excessive dust and mold, unhealthy crawl spaces, and high energy bills.  The Green Collar Crew initiates a Comprehensive Home Energy & Health Audit that describes ways in which a homeowner can increase efficiency and create a safe and healthier home. Upon production of an Audit Report, Green Collar Crew then manages the process of retrofitting to ensure that renovations and upgrades are performed by the best trade contractors in the industry, at the best price, and that green-building standards are met.  Green Collar Crew is headquartered in Charlotte, NC with another office located in Seattle, WA. “We anticipate that our continuous marketing efforts will reach a national audience,” says Spivak. Green Collar Crew’s ultimate goal is to serve homeowners and the natural environment while providing a better future for generations to come. Vizhun Marketing will help promote Green Collar Crew’s corporate communications strategy.

February 24, 2009 at 10:22 pm

Eyeplay releases Green Tips, a new collection of plug and play clips

Eyeplay has announced the release of a unique content product for digital signage networks and the web called Green Tips. Green Tips is an eye-catching collection of 52 plug and play clips, each with an engaging factoid for ways to be green, at home and at the office. The off-the-shelf content collection incorporates original, cinematic HD footage, stylish animated HD motion graphics and custom music. The Green Tips collection features user-friendly flexibility to meet the needs of digital signage networks, communication professionals and website owners. Green Tips includes 52 single clips for use within play lists as well as a single 17-minute loop clip. Customers can choose HD or SD resolution, horizontal and vertical display orientations, along with a choice of Windows Media Video (.wmv), QuickTime (.mov) or DVD formats for playback on virtually any digital signage system, flat-panel screen or website. It’s a plug and play collection so that users can instantly add Green Tips to their current digital signage programming.  Green Tips is an effective way for companies to be socially relevant in today’s green-conscious world. Green Tips offers customers the option of customizing the collection of tips by adding a company logo. Branding the collection of Green Tips with a company logo is a powerful way for an organization to show their commitment to being green to customers, partners, employees and other key stakeholders.  “We saw an opportunity in the digital signage and web-content market that isn’t being met currently,” said Kevin Smith, president & creative director of Eyeplay. “Marketers and communication professionals are hungry for meaningful content that grabs attention. Green Tips, for the first time, incorporates stunning visual quality with thoughtful, useful bits of information about how to be a better green citizen. Green Tips attracts eyeballs, cuts through the clutter out there and is relevant to socially-minded audiences.”

February 24, 2009 at 10:20 pm

Poll: 2009 Academy Awards Commercials

February 23, 2009 at 8:06 am

As growth slows, where are the opportunities for green?

The economy is starting to cast a shadow over green living’s glow. According to new consumer research from Mintel, the number of Americans who say they almost always or regularly buy green products remains unchanged since last year, at 36%. This comes after tripling the previous year (from 12% in 2007 to 36% in 2008, according to Mintel consumer survey data).  Marcia Mogelonsky, Ph. D and senior research analyst at Mintel, explains the shift in green shopping behavior: “People’s priorities have changed because of economic hardship. A substantial number of shoppers are now struggling just to provide the basics for their families, so green living is no longer top of mind for many Americans.”  Cost remains an impediment to the green market’s growth. Mintel’s recent survey found the majority of adults are willing to pay only a little extra for green products. Moreover, over half of respondents (54%) say they would buy more green products but the products are too expensive.  “Today’s shopper is looking for value,” comments Mogelonsky. “Value doesn’t mean just low prices, but cost is definitely a factor. True value includes health and safety benefits, quality, convenience, appeal and trust, all at a reasonable price. Companies who provide those benefits, as well as appease shoppers’ green sensibilities, will enjoy success despite the recession.”  Mintel sees many opportunities for growth in green markets over the next few years. Though the recession is expected to impact sales through 2009, Mintel forecasts 19% growth for green products overall through 2013. Markets including green personal care and environmentally friendly household cleaners are expected to perform especially well. Organic food, the most mature segment, will experience slowing but steady growth over the next five years, despite lower prices from private label organics and competition from natural and local foods.

February 22, 2009 at 10:34 pm

The North Face and Polartec recognize ‘Eco Champions’

The North Face® and Polartec® have announced the launch of their ‘Eco Champion’ program. The campaign, located at, is designed to recognize passionate people improving the environment and will honor an ‘Eco Champion’ with a $15,000 donation made in their name to a chosen green cause and a $1,000 gift certificate to The North Face online store.  “The Eco Champion campaign is a celebration of those individuals who dedicate their lives to making a difference in our world,” stated Nate Simmons, director of marketing for Polartec. “Both Polartec and The North Face are committed to reducing their environmental impact through programs like the recycled Polartec fleece in The North Face Denali jacket, and we are thrilled to recognize others who embrace the world we live in.”  The ‘Eco Champion’ program is a two-round campaign, created and managed by social media marketing solution, Brickfish®. The program invites entrants to submit videos or blogs showcasing people who deserve special recognition for their efforts to improve the environment. Twenty-five finalists, selected by The North Face and Polartec from round one, will advance to round two. Of the twenty-five finalists, one grand prize winner will be selected by The North Face and Polartec from the top ten entries in round two, to receive a $15,000 donation made in their name to a green cause of their choice plus a $1,000 gift certificate to The North Face online store. In addition to the grand prize winner, The North Face and Polartec will also award the second and third place winners with donations made in their names.  “The health of our planet and the outdoors is an integral part of The North Face brand,” said Letitia Webster, director of corporate sustainability for The North Face. “We are thrilled to partner with Polartec for the ‘Eco Champion’ campaign to offer such a powerful program in recognition of the individual contributions of committed people and to demonstrate the tremendous collective input we can all have.”  Round one of the ‘Eco Champion’ campaign ends March 25. Round two is expected to begin April 15 and end May 13. For complete details, visit

February 22, 2009 at 10:32 pm

Site makes it easy for companies to make green cleaning product purchases

Native Green, a certified Native American owned company, has announced the launch of This informative commercial website makes it easy to find and purchase the right green cleaning products to meet the emerging green building standards and green purchasing policies. The efficient direct purchasing model significantly reduces the cost to “go green” while improving our global and personal environments. In conjunction with this announcement, Native Green is also launching a green sales mentoring program designed to develop salespeople who specialize in the areas of green products, technology and legislation for Native Green and its affiliates. “President Barack Obama and his team are swiftly moving towards green job creation, and we are doing our part as well. As a former chairman of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, I understand the challenges in creating jobs for Native Americans and the citizens of our country, while respecting our environment. The new products and website, mixed with good people, will help Native Green meet those challenges,” commented Charlie Colombe, chairman and CEO of Native Green. The company’s new suite of green products range from earth friendly cleaning and maintenance products that improve safety and air quality in buildings, schools, and health care facilities, to trash can liners made from at least 50% post consumer recycled plastic, along with recycled plastic cleaning tools, micro-fiber mops, micro-fiber towels, and energy saving compact fluorescent lighting. Each product plays an important role in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (green building) certification along with contributing to the green purchasing commitments made by many educational and government organizations.

February 22, 2009 at 10:30 pm launches

Dallas-based, a national energy marketing firm, announced the launch of, their new renewable energy website. is a one-stop source for green energy information and solutions created to help customers navigate the emerging green energy market. Whether for the home or office, has done the work for the customer by finding competitive green energy solutions allowing consumers to lower their electric bill while helping the planet.  The company is the result of a unique synergy between the convenience of online capabilities and the numerous renewable and environmentally-conscious options available in the energy market. offers the tools to easily find, compare and order green energy services by connecting customers to a select group of pre-qualified green energy providers offering competitive rates and substantial savings.  “We strongly believe in renewable energy efficiency and feel will be extremely well received by customers looking for the best in green and environmentally-aware products,” said Brent Moore, founder and CEO of “The new site will help customers find the lowest rates in competitive green energy markets while finding quality green energy suppliers.”

February 18, 2009 at 10:16 am

ecomii launches new food blog

ecomii, a popular online green lifestyle destination that reached over 1.3 million people during the month of January, has announced the launch of a new food blog dedicated to helping people eat better with natural and organic foods. The ecomii food blog empowers people to eat smart with easy ways to make quick healthy meals and shopping tips for finding the freshest ingredients.  “Consumers continue to migrate toward a more health-conscious socially-minded lifestyle, with ecomii attracting millions of visitors in January 2009,” said Todd O’Donald, ecomii co-founder and managing director. “As part of our mission to raise environmental consciousness and help people pursue a greener lifestyle, we will continue to invest in creating the most comprehensive and trusted resource available on the web.”  The food blog is the latest addition to ecomii’s series of green lifestyle blogs including: simple living, parenting, business, renewable energy, car, green building and politics.

February 18, 2009 at 10:15 am

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