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Wanted: Senior Sales Executive

PME® Enterprises, producers of Good And Green®, is looking for a Senior Sales Executive to build content and generate sponsorships for our successful national marketing conferences. See for more info about our company. Position requires 5 -7 yrs experience, strong track record selling sponsorships, events and non-traditional media to national accounts. For consideration call Jim 860.724.2649 x12 TWTh betw. 10 – 11 a.m. ET

November 10, 2010 at 8:26 am

Timberland Adds Environmental Features to Website

Timberland, a company we recently profiled in Good And Green® E-ssentials for the expansion of their Green Index®, has just unveiled the new design of its website.  The new site offers an immersive brand experience, inviting consumers to explore the products, history and commitment to environmental stewardship that are all at the heart of the Timberland brand.

“With the new site, consumers around the world have the opportunity to engage with Timberland like never before,” said Jim Davey, VP of Global Marketing. “Whether it’s browsing and shopping our newest products, understanding our values platform, or sending in their own stories, visitors now have a one-stop shop to connect with the Timberland® brand.”  The new site includes some innovative environmental features including:

  • A “tree planting” section where visitors can learn about the company’s longstanding commitment to reforestation, including Timberland’s pledge to plant five million trees in five years in Haiti and China.
  • Timberland’s comprehensive Green Index® rating system where visitors can measure the specific impact the company’s products have on the environment.
  • A look inside Timberland’s corporate responsibility initiatives which includes reports, podcasts and updates where visitors can join in the dialogue.

The new site features are a smart addition for a company that is already known for its good and green initiatives.  We have heard from numerous Good And Green® speakers that helping consumers better understand a brand’s sustainability efforts goes a long way toward increasing loyalty with consumers and ultimately driving bottom line results.

November 10, 2010 at 8:25 am

John Marshall Roberts Gets a White House Council Invite

Author John Marshall Roberts, who received last year’s Good And Green® “You Take the Cake” award for favorite speaker, was recently invited by the White House Council on Environmental Quality to speak at the Greengov Symposium’s ‘Igniting Inspiration:  Communication and Organizational Culture.’  The symposium brought together leaders from both governmental and the private sector to discuss greening the government. The panel was named after Roberts book Igniting Inspiration:  A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries.

“I’m deeply honored to have been invited by the White House to participate in this event. The federal government must show great leadership in the area of sustainability for this movement to reach critical mass in the US–and President Obama’s new executive order is a huge step in the right direction,” said Roberts who is also Founder of Worldview Design™.  “This is just a beginning. To make this huge initiative work will require an educated and passionate group of grassroots sustainability leaders who really care, and who can somehow overcome cynicism of those who don’t share their passion.”

Roberts adds, “Our research shows that psychological insight on the part of sustainability advocates can mean the difference between success and failure in situations like this–and I’m inspired to share everything I know to help the government meet its goals. The GreenGov panel is a great place to start”

November 10, 2010 at 8:22 am

Barkley Study Finds ‘Men Have Hearts’

Our friends at Barkley Public Relations have just released the findings from The PRWeek/Barkley Cause Survey which includes some surprising data regarding men’s attraction to brands that have a cause marketing program.  Running contrary to the natural assumption that women are solely attracted to cause programs, 88 percent of men say it’s important for a brand to support a cause, 61 percent have purchased a brand because it supported a cause, 67 percent would try a brand because it supported a cause, and 55 percent would pay more for a brand that supported a cause. For the full survey, visit  “The Boomer generation has carved out the path toward looking at cause marketing as an important way to connect with consumers,” said popular M2W® and M2Moms®  speaker Mike Swenson, President, Barkley.  “But even more so do Gen X and Gen Y Millennials, who view it as something that must be done. That’s why we’re seeing the numbers we do with men. It’s no longer a gender issue.”

What triggers men to get involved with a corporate cause program?  One reason:  “A better consciousness about the state of the planet and environment,” says Alan Buddendeck, Corporate VP of Global Communications and CSR at Nissan.  In the report Buddendeck goes on to say that he has “seen more requests from younger men in our company in various markets for engagements on various social issues, especially in the area of education, as well as increased inquiries from men about the environment.”

BP, Apple and Goldman Sachs were mentioned as brands that are not doing cause programs but should be and some of the top standout cause campaigns support environmental initiatives such as Dawn Saves Wildlife, Pepsi Refresh and Tide Loads of Hope–a program we heard about during the SOAP Group’s 2008 Good And Green presentation.

For more insight into today’s consumers and how they feel about cause-oriented brands, register now to attend the 4th Annual Good And Green®-The Green Marketing Conference, May 11 & 12, 2011, at Hearst Tower in New York City.

November 10, 2010 at 8:18 am

SunChips Sustainability Challenge

As noted during numerous Good And Green® presentations, sustainable packaging is an important part of a brand’s green initiatives.  But what happens when your eco-friendly packaging strategies interfere with the way consumers engage with your brand?  Ask SunChips.

After introducing the world to its biodegradable bags back in April 2009, Frito-Lay, a unit of PepsiCo Inc., recently announced that it will discontinue using the more eco-friendly packaging on most of its SunChips brand snacks in the U.S.  Why?  While consumers appreciated the biodegradable feature, there was an onslaught of complaints that the new bag was too loud.  “We need to listen to our consumers,” said Frito-Lay spokeswoman Aurora Gonzalez during an interview with the Associated Press.  “We clearly heard their feedback.”  Company executives have stated they are taking “steps to improve their 100% compostable bag in order to address” consumer concerns and will be introducing “the next generation compostable bag” soon.

But Frito Lay Canada is taking a different approach to the ‘noise debate’ by launching an awareness campaign to address the recent discussions, stating, “Our bag is loud, our bag is different, our bag is good for the environment, and our bag will remain on store shelves.”  The campaign invites consumers to go out and test the noise level for themselves and visit the brand’s Facebook page ( to post comments and feedback.  For those who still find the bag too loud for snacking, Frito Lay Canada will send them a free pair of earplugs.  “We are continually looking for ways to improve the bag in order to reduce noise while at the same time keeping the environmental benefits, and we expect to have news to share on that soon. In the short term we feel the current bag offers a big reduction in waste for a little amount of noise,” says Helmi Ansari, sustainability leader, Frito Lay Canada. “We always welcome the feedback of Canadians, but also want to encourage them to accept the greater purpose of the bag, noise and all.”

It will be interesting to see which strategy wins with consumers.  At the moment, the SunChips Canada Facebook page appears to be filled with “pro noise” comments including “This is one step on a road of perhaps thousands.  However, getting rid of the bag and ignoring the impact…would be taking a step back.”

From a marketing perspective, what are your thoughts?



November 10, 2010 at 8:14 am

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