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Ed Begley Jr.’s Guide To Sustainable Living

Begley_Book Ed Begley, Jr. has devoted forty years of his life to environmentalism. During a time when being eco-friendly was not yet part of the mainstream, Begley was pushing the movement forward—showing consumers that being green was not only fun, but easy and surprisingly inexpensive. Ed’s hit television show, “Living with Ed”, and his first book, Living Like Ed, showed America an environmentalist they could relate to and his latest book, Ed Begley Jr.’s Guide To Sustainable Living, continues this approach by giving readers practical, straightforward advice and how-to guidance about greening their home and their lifestyle.

The book is divided in three sections: Conserve, Produce, and Manage. Ed says, “The first thing any good climber knows is to lighten their load before they take the first step. Likewise, before you even consider your first solar panel or wind turbine, you must lighten your energy load. This book is a simple guide to the three steps to energy independence that really MUST be done in the following order: Conservation, Production and Management.”

CONSERVATION: The first step involves taking a look at the resources you’re using and drawing up a game plan for efficiently using them. Chapters included are: The Green Home Audit, Electricity, Lighting, Insulation, Windows and Doors, Water Usage.

PRODUCTION: Having done all of the conservation work possible, the next step to sustainability is producing your own energy. The chapters cover: Solar Power, Wind Power, Building and Remodeling, Garden and Compost

MANAGEMENT: The final section helps readers make informed lifestyle choices by providing information on some of the most recent advances in home maintenance, and more.. Chapters cover: Heating Your Home, Cooling Your Home, Heating Water, Decorating and Cleaning Your Home, Babies and Nurseries.

Yes, the book is for consumers, but it gives green marketing executives and brand leaders some food for thought as well. In addition to being reminded of our real mission for wanting to create more eco-friendly opportunities and products for consumers, it gives us great insight into the conversation happening with today’s consumers.

Printed on 100 percent recycled paper and printed on soy-based inks, Ed Begley Jr.’s Guide To Sustainable Living is environmentally conscious from beginning to end. With Ed’s personal accounts of his own experiences greening his home, instructive diagrams, sample costs and paybacks sidebars, and illustrative photos, this book is a helpful guide and an exhaustive collection of ideas, advice, and information to make an eco-friendly lifestyle attainable.

December 2, 2010 at 9:37 am

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