Leading With Action Examined At Green Marketing Conference

March 9, 2011 at 4:24 pm

MikeKapalko_blog “The difference between a company that claims to live a sustainable life and one that truly fulfills this aspiration resides in its ability to transform messaging into normalized behavior. It’s more than capitalizing on the one-off initiatives and product offerings that emanate from a green division,” according to Mike Kapalko, Sustainability Marketing Manager, SCA’s Tissue Division in North America, discussing his presentation for the 4th Good And Green® – The Green Marketing Conference, May 11 & 12, at the Hearst Tower, NY, NY.

“This session will show how to take a good look at your company’s sustainability efforts and find a unique strategy to showcase those efforts,” explained Kapalko. “We’ll focus on a lean-forward approach to telling the company story. Partnering with like-minded sustainability and hygiene thought leaders and committing to your actions; even if you’re not 100 percent sure they will resonate.” Kapalko will be co-presenting with Mary Shaughnessy, Vice President Group Account Director, Cramer-Krasselt.

Mary_Shaughnessy_blog “Consumers and businesses have heard the stories. It’s time to stop the noise  pollution and lead with action. If your company has a long-standing history of leading the sustainability charge, like SCA, you may have the urge to pound your chest in this new age of green marketing,” Kapalko added. “Despite 80 years of headship in the area of sustainability, SCA took another approach by assuming a modest identity as the quiet leader. Quiet leaders are powerful. They are focused. And most importantly, they are committed to transforming their words into bold actions.”

“Every year Good And Green® is attended by brand marketing teams and execs from leading marketers across a broad spectrum of product categories,” according to Nan McCann, Good And Green® producer. “Over the years, we’ve had attendance from a really diverse list of brands including Sealed Air Corp., General Motors, Brown-Forman, Clorox, J&J, Cisco, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Nike, McNeil Labs, Philadelphia Phillies, Disney, Mohawk, Energizer, Dell, Esurance, PEPCO and Kimberly Clark.”

“Smart brands attend,” McCann explained, “because they know that today, green marketing is a mainstream component of every marketing plan and the key to a brand’s future in virtually every industry and product category. It is the key to innovation and economic growth.”

Presenting Sponsors, Good Housekeeping and The Daily Green, will be joined by Associate Sponsors: SCA’s Tissue Division in North America, GfK Roper Consulting, Brown And Wilmanns Environmental, Benjamin Moore & Co.; Showcase Sponsors: The SOAP Group, Pentel, Carolina Pad, Parducci, PlanetEarthPromotions.com; Media Sponsor: Fast Company and Video Content Resource: Snippies.

For conference schedule and information: www.goodandgreen.biz or 860.724.2649 x14. Good And Green® is produced by PME® Enterprises LLC, 216 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106.


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