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April 27, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Here are some of the green marketing headlines in the news this week:

Mainstream Green: Moving Sustainability from Niche to Normal – Over the past several years, research in the green marketing space has repeatedly revealed a gaping disparity between what mainstream consumers say they intend to do and what they actually do when it comes to living and shopping sustainably. At OgilvyEarth they call this the Green Gap. The Green Gap isn’t just a concern for environmentalists; many of the world’s leading corporations are staking their futures on the bet that sustainability will become a major driver of mainstream consumer purchase behavior. Unless they can figure out how to close the gap, there will never be a business case for green (OgilvyEarth).

Consumers Never Liked to Pay More for Green to Begin With – On Friday (4/22/11), the New York Times breathlessly declared in a cover story that during the recession, "As Consumers Cut Spending, ‘Green’ Products Lose Allure." It’s a nice headline and makes it sound like the green product and business movement is in trouble. But the story, while interesting, doesn’t really change the reality for business. First, consumers never liked to pay more for green and, second, consumer pressure is not the biggest force driving the greening of business.(Harvard Business Review).

Whole Foods Kicks Off New Ranking For Cleaners – Claiming widespread consumer confusion — even among its green-elite shoppers — Whole Foods Markets says it is introducing Eco-Scale Rating System, a tiered standard for household cleaners that will make it easier for customers to understand which products are best for the environment (MediaPost).

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