About Good And Green® E-ssentials

As today’s consumers grow more educated and concerned about the fate of their planet, they’re demanding more responsibility from their brands. Are you listening? Are you prepared?

Good And Green® is the premier national conference on Green Marketing. Hundreds of national brands, agencies and media outlets gather each  year to learn how to increase their brands’ emotional, cognitive and financial connection in today’s “greening” consumer markets. The 4th Annual Good And Green®- The Green Marketing Conference took place May 11 & 12, 2011 in New York City. Learn more at www.goodandgreen.biz.

Learn Why Green Is The New Color Of Your Bottom Line!
Good And Green® E-ssentials is the premier online destination for the latest green marketing information, resources, solutions and connections you need to successfully sell and market your brand. Each week we’ll bring you important stories on the latest trends, brands, methods and ideas for increasing your green marketing ROI. Have a story idea? Email us!

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